Historic skateboarding moments NFTs



Mike Mo Capaldi


Blockchain, Collectibles, Virtual Goods


Los Angeles, United States


2020 - present

Skateboarding, unlike sports cards, didn't have its own collectible community until ABD Collectibles brought collectible culture to skateboarding. A tangible card idea was born during the pandemic, at the same time as the NFT boom began.The founders decided to mix the two worlds together. As a result, the venture was born.

The Challenge

Launch a virtual collectibles platform for skateboarders similar to NBA Top Shot. It had to be launched quickly and on a limited budget. And make it part NFT, part tangible. During the pandemic, the idea was born. Skate culture is dominated by skateboard videos. In other words, the four minute video needed to be divided into lots of clips, then put into packs.

The Solution

The Digihey engineering team first analyzed the market and technological solutions available. The Flow blockchain was used to develop a proof of concept. Instead of building an integrated platform, a phased approach was adopted, with no Marketplace in the first phase. In order to keep up with the evolving market, several fundamental technical enhancements have been made to the platform since then. On both the backend and frontend, our team initially used Golang but switched to JavaScript. Cloud architecture is robust and supports drops with dramatic traffic spikes.

The impact

ABD’s first series sold out in 2 minutes. Skateboarding stars like Tony Hawk and Paul Rodriguez have been featured in several drops. Numerous magazines and podcasts have covered the ABD Collectibles story. Since its launch, it has gained popularity in the skateboarding community.


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