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Booster Fuels




San Mateo, California


2016 - present

Booster Fuels is a leading mobile energy delivery company founded in San Mateo, California. People-driven, tech-focused, and sustainability-obsessed, Booster delivers conventional and alternative fuels and energy directly to fleet vehicles, lowering carbon emissions, reducing costs, and expanding access to renewable fuels.

In 2015, Booster Fuels set out to replace gas stations completely. In the aftermath of the initial launch and raising $9 million Series A, they decided to heavily invest in their technology innovations. It began with Booster needing a better Operational Dashboard, but grew into a 7-year partnership in which we supported almost every technology initiative they had.

The Challenge

In highly populated areas, it can be extremely challenging to deliver flammable and health hazardous liquids while also keeping the general public and nature safe and clean. An army of trucks and drivers needed to be orchestrated, their shifts managed, and their routes optimized. The risk of incidents had to be minimized. To expand into new markets, integration with external accounting, ERP, pricing, and payment systems was necessary. And all that had to be implemented while scaling. For this to work, an entire technology ecosystem was created consisting of a variety of custom web and mobile applications.

The Solution

As a result, Digihey engineers, QA analysts, DevOps experts, UI/UX designers, and Data engineers have been working together with the Booster Product and Engineering leaders to build a platform that manages: Operations, Payments & Pricing, Routing, Smart Tanker IoT, Navigation, Reports & Orders, and Notifications. Customer portals and back office were built from scratch. Custom OCR was built for handheld devices used in the field. To enable scaling, the overall cloud infrastructure had to be optimized.

Digihey's approach to the software services is world-class. Flawless execution by their top talents allowed Booster to build a team of rockstars without robbing the bank. If someone is looking for a technology partner who invests in people and will find the right resources for a project, then there's no better company out there that I've worked with.

Diego Netto

CTO at Booster Fuels

The impact

Digihey engineering teams enabled Booster to expand its operations across multiple states and increase the number of trucks in their fleet to 200+ units. By partnering with global companies like Amazon and Cisco, they were able to save an average of $1600 per vehicle annually and increase productivity by 61 hours. In 2022, Booster Fuels fleet reduced miles traveled for their customers by 6.7 million miles and saved 587 lbs of carbon emissions per vehicle.


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