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Sport, Mobility, Hardware


Terre Haute, Indiana


2019 - present

BoxUp is an autonomous locker that connects to a smartphone application to enable the rental of sports and leisure items directly on green outdoor spaces. There are different types of leisure, sport, or relaxation equipment depending on where the boxes are located. With BoxUp, people can enjoy sports and leisure facilities without having to buy, store or transport equipment - enabling them to discover new activities and places to practice them. Access to sports and leisure equipment has never been easier or more secure.

The idea was developed by Frank Rouiller, Florian Voumard, and Lucien Manueddu, graduates of the Master of Science HES-SO program in Integrated Innovation for Product and Business Development (Master Innokick) in 2018. The idea became a start-up a year later. The three co-founders transformed the concept into a business opportunity. The Digihey software engineering team partnered with BoxUp from the beginning, initially providing invaluable support for the development and maintenance of the mobile app. As a trusted partner, we have driven technological advances and expanded the platform's presence in Switzerland and Europe.

The Challenge

Providing urban populations with the opportunity to do some physical activity without carrying any equipment. A simple, but very practical solution that allows anyone to easily access sporting equipment. During the Covid lockdown, this proved extremely useful.

The Solution

The Digihey software engineering team developed the hybrid mobile application, adding new features every week and improving the UI/UX. A tech debt analysis has been done and a scaling strategy has been confirmed. A number of authentication and payment integrations have been added to the platform. To enable real-time monitoring for business owners, a custom Angular Admin Dashboard was developed.

Digihey is a true partner of our company for more than a year, able to solve many problems and guide us towards efficient solutions. We are very happy to work with a flexible professional team in which we have full confidence.

Frank Rouiller

CEO at BoxUp

The impact

With 60 installed stations, 50.000+ recorded usage hours, 15.000+ registered users on BoxUp's app, and 4.7/5 average rating on the App Store, Boxup has grown rapidly since its launch.


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