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Brooklyn, New York


2016 - present

Venue Pilot is an event services company. It provides streamlined event management and ticketing services. Based in Brooklyn, New York, it was founded in 2016.

By automating event management processes, controlling ticket sales, enhancing live event websites, and implementing low-cost, flat-fee ticketing, the company's platform helps clients save time and increase revenue. Their mission is to empower and grow independent live music. After joining the existing core engineering team, Digihey eventually took over the entire operation - developing new platform features while maintaining and supporting the existing system.

The Challenge

Many venues rely on a hodgepodge of apps or restaurant products to run their businesses. When it comes to live events, the dedicated software just doesn't cut it. This can lead to enormous inefficiencies - data mismanagement and miscommunication - which can lead to unsold tickets and concessions, causing venues to fail. Launching a live events management platform that would speed up bookings, automate tasks, improve communication, prevent errors, and create customized business intelligence reports was the challenge. From a booking inquiry through bespoke reports, data-driven deals, to artist settlement, and much more, it had to be easy-to-use, beautifully-designed music venue management and ticketing software.

The Solution

Simple yet powerful UI for managing and reporting calendar events. Integrations with various platforms: Google Sheet, Hive, Laylo and more. In addition to maintaining the existing codebase, our full-stack Ruby on Rails team added features based on the existing infrastructure. Over time, the refactoring was necessary to keep up with the modern SPA concept.

Digihey has been instrumental in the development of VenuePilot. I love collaborating with their intelligent and capable team, and I'm extremely proud of the work we've accomplished!

Justin Kantor

CEO at VenuePilot

The impact

Venue Pilot has been running for a decade, with venues and promoters across the US using it. Over $10 million in tickets have been sold through Venue Pilot at 80 venues in 23 states and Canada. The story of their journey has been featured in Billboard magazine. Plus, Tom Windish (Billie Eilish's booking agent) became an investor, and VenuePilot partnered with D-Tour, a group of independent promoters booking tours all over the country.


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